Keyturion – the new standard in computer control!

Keyturion is an advanced software that aims to comprehensively and precisely record activities that a computer user performs. It is not difficult to find out what is the use of such an application – it is a very useful tool in the hands of an employer, parent or anyone who wants to have control over how the device is used.

Keyturion provides a convenient view of a full range of information, including functions such as:

  • Keylogger – logging keyboard activity, which is the basic way to track a user. The Keyturion application allows you to exclude certain keys or hotkeys from registration for clearer logs.
  • Screenshotsthe screenshots set according to your preferences provide a good overview of what the computer was used for. The capabilities of Keyturion allow for convenient and effective management of the obtained discharges.• Print log – Keyturion is very useful in precisely determining what documents were printed with a given device, taking into account the exact time of printing attempt.
  • Changes in folders – the Keyturion function also includes the control of individual folders and the changes made in them. This also applies to USB data carriers, identifying and registering them efficiently.
  • Clipboard history – Keyturion constantly checks and records the contents of the clipboard. This is especially important in industries where any copying of data is completely prohibited.
  • Search historywebsites visited are also controlled by Keyturion, which provides a clear and well-structured usage log from the web search engine.
  • Application usage – what applications were launched while the computer was running, as well as their duration and exact time points for their activation, is one of the more advanced information Keyturion tracks.

A wide range of options at your fingertips

As you can see, Keyturion has many useful features, which is why it is gaining considerable popularity in many industries related to information technology. It is worth getting acquainted with them by contacting technical support.

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